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Calisthenics Shoppen

Kinesio Tape / Sportstape

Kinesio Tape / Sportstape

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Rehabilitation taping for muscle pain and sports injuries.


- Inhibition of hypertonic muscles.
- Correction of the fascia
- Protects the muscles against excessive stress
- Protection of joints
- Improvement of the propriosensory system
- Suppress pain
- Reduces inflammation.
- Reduction of lymphedema.
- Reduce hematoma.
- Affects movement rage.
- Stimulation of hypotonic muscles
- Stretchability of up to 170% equivalent to human skin.
- Similar in weight and thickness to human skin.
- Ability to stretch in 2 directions, diagonal to the longitudinal axis.
- Easy to cut.
- Latex free
- Permeable to air and moisture
- 100% acrylic adhesive coating, hypoallergenic.
- Moisture resistant


Material: Latex free, 100% acrylic adhesive coating
Weight & Size: 5g - 5cmX5m

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Kinesotape is good for those who want support through sports tape. It helps to protect joints and suppress pain. The tape's stretchability on the tape is up to 170% equivalent to human skin.
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