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Imperium Cali Rings

Imperium Cali Rings

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Cali rings from Imperium Equipment.
Strong nylon strap with sewn-in numbers as guidelines, and can handle up to 350kg. The ring's diameter of 32mm gives you a good stable grip.
The new V2 clamp gives you more space and an easier option to set up the ring without having to bother with the strap.


- 100% Plywood in Birch
- Better stability & Support
- Secure locking mechanism
- Durable load up to 350kg


Material: 100% Birch, Nylon, Iron
Ring diameter: 32mm
Strap width: 38mm
Durability: 350kg

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Calisthenics Rings / Cali Rings / Gymnastics Rings
We are happy to present our Ringe test winner.
We designed this to provide something durable and not compromise on quality. We have made sure that the strap is 38mm wide, with numbers and measurements sewn on the strap so that the numbers do not disappear. The diameter of the rings is 32 mm, which makes it leaky and durable for the hands, essential for training. We have upgraded the locking mechanism so that the opening is larger and easy to access so that the set-up is quick and easy! Increase your stability and control with our Calisthenics Rings.


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