Imperium Equipment

Imperium Equipment is your supplier for the perfect equipment within the calisthenics environment.

The Imperium collections give you the best of the best, where quality is not compromised at all.

Equipment with the ``Imperium'' logo affixed indicates high level quality equipment. The Imperium collection Imperium has just now launched what you know today:

- Empire Cali Rings

- Empire Parallettes

- Imperium Elastics

- Empire Wrist Wraps

- Imperium Cali Grip Chalk

- Empire Massage Gun

- Empire Massage Ball

We are currently the only brand in Denmark that sells professional quality equipment. We can be honest and proud to say we are the first provider in Denmark to produce Parallettes in wood.

We not only try to deliver the best to you, but we also care a lot about helping the calisthenics environment, and therefore every year, have financially supported the national and Nordic competitions within the sport.

Why choose us? We work daily with professional athletes, as well as the training center VICI GYM, to be able to make sure that our equipment is test winners in what they are used for.

We are constantly working on our equipment to ensure that you get quality for what you pay for.