KINETIK has one vision and that is to take your training to the next level and beyond!

At KINETIK, we focus exclusively on products for training with your own body weight and body weight-based strength training. Our training equipment is developed for Calisthenics, HIIT, Functional Training & Running.

We have several years of experience with athletic training, and we only supply the equipment we ourselves like to use, and which will stimulate and make your training more efficient.

We want our products to inspire and challenge you, and at the same time KINETIK must be a quality stamp for training equipment. We have an eye for detail, and we push all boundaries when it comes to quality, design and functionality.

If you want to hear more about KINETIK, or if you have a special request in relation to ordering or advice on our training equipment, please contact us - we are more than ready to give you professional and valuable advice!