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Imperium CaliGrip - Crushed/Powder Magnesium 300g

Imperium CaliGrip - Crushed/Powder Magnesium 300g

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Our powder/crushed magnesium is popular within the calisthenics & street workout environment.
Our magnesium is essential for you who want a better grip on the bar or when you have to do heavy lifting


Ensured better grip strength
Reduces sweaty hands


Ingrediens: 100% Magnesium Carbonate

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Say goodbye to smooth hands!
Tired of sliding off the bar? Having trouble holding on? Millions of people worldwide who play sports where you have to be able to hold on to something use lime! Whether you do calisthenics, OCR, climbing, deadlifts or general functional training. Then powdered magnesium is essential for the grip.

Simple solution to get stronger
Every time you have to train hard or feel your grip strength fluctuates a bit, the liquid lime will always help you to hold on better. That way, you can keep training without thinking too much about how smooth your hands are! Slipping can really take your focus off your workout.

Instructions for use
Put a little powder on the hands and rub it back and forth in the palms and let it be distributed over the entire palm.
You are now ready for your training.
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