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Imperium Parallettes

Imperium Parallettes

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Imperium Parallettes are professional quality parallettes. Imperium Equipment is Calisthenics Shoppen's very own brand, where we not only sell quality at a high level, but at the same time set a positive stamp on the calisthenics environment on an international level.

We are happy to present our first and most sold and popular product. Tested and approved by several professional athletes worldwide.


– Unique handmade professional parallettes, made of 100% Birch.
- Birch makes the material light, but also strong at the same time.
– The handles are ground down and have a diameter of Ø43mm.
- The feet are hard-wearing rubber soles, which ensure you a perfect grip on virtually all floor surfaces!


ATTENTION! These parallettes are designed and calculated to stand on a flat surface. We cannot be held responsible for mistreatment or different use of what they are intended for. Although the parallettes are made of strong wood, the wood is sensitive to impacts on hard surfaces, and dents may occur. Parallettes are not waterproof.

Material: 100% Birch
LxWxH (cm): 27.5 X 20 x 14.5
Weight per piece: 1.2 kg

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Imperium Parallettes are a good tool for your calisthenics training. You can use them for anything from basic exercises, such as push-up variations, to advanced exercises, such as standing on your hands or plank.
Parallettes are good for you who like to spare your wrists or perform exercises that require a neutral grip in different positions.

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