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Wrist support.
More repetitions.
Longer static holds.
Heavier lifting.
Increased stability.
Healthier wrists.


Material: 100% Cotton
Weight: 35g

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ATTENTION! The product consists of a pair (A pair of 2 pcs.)


Do you have pain in your wrists? Do you need a little extra support when performing your elements, such as plank, handstand or muscle-ups? Then you should try one of our several designs of wrist wraps that we sell in collaboration with Roar Powers.

Wrist Wraps / Wrist wraps / Wrist support

Our Wrist Wraps are popular within the calisthenics & street workout environment.

Exercisers use wrist wraps today when their wrists need extra support during training. That way they can still manage to push themselves and still keep up the training.

Keep up the training!

With wrist wraps you can still manage to train hard. For example, when you stand on your hands you develop a greater load on the wrist. If your wrist is not strong enough, there will be a greater risk of wrist injury. With wrist wraps wrapped around the wrist, this will support the wrist to a great extent, and not develop such a large strain as if you trained without it.

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