About us

The Calisthenics Shop is your provider, which sells the latest and best in calisthenics. We are here for you, to be able to expand and develop your training into something better, and reach your goals faster!

The vision and mission

The Calisthenics Shop was formed in 2020 in Copenhagen. It started with 2 young men who joined forces to start Denmark's very first Calisthenics Shop. The purpose is not only to make the calisthenics & street workout environment bigger, but also to be able to give a helping hand to the Danish environment, in relation to guidance and help with the right calisthenics equipment. Our values ​​are to be able to secure you quality equipment at the highest level, and at the same time give something to the sport.
The goal is to promote Street Workout & Calisthenics and everything behind it, as this is our passion!

We collaborate with the best and professional Calisthenics Athletes in Denmark to quality test our products, so that we can always ensure what we stand for.

Our warehouse & shop is located at Prøvestensbroen 3A, 2300 København S, which is, among other things, the location of Team VICI Hall, which is Denmark's very first calisthenics training center. Here we test our products and equipment before we put them up for sale in the online shop, in order to ensure that you receive the highest level of quality!